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We are a family owned business with experience in high-quality digital printing. We are located in the University Center “Ucen” on the campus of UCSB in Bldg 558, Rm 2345, UCen Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93106. We utilize the very best equipment and specialize in the full spectrum of print jobs and provide the utmost in quality results, regardless of the size or complexity of a given project.


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Q: What is camera ready?
A: Camera-ready is a common term used in the commercial printing industry meaning that a document is, from a technical standpoint, ready “to go to press,” or be printed. When one of our customer’s files is camera ready, little to no time is taken, by us, to set up the files before running the print job. This leads to less confusion, a job that more accurately meets your goals, and provides lower costs for your limited budget dollars.

Q: How will a 5-7 day lead time help me save money on my print job?
A: Most of the cost for a print comes from two things; the paper and the time to set up the equipment to your specific need. By sending your project to us 5-7 days before your due date, we are able to run your job at the same time as similar projects. This allows us to set up the equipment once, saving time and money. Finally, modest lead times allow us to buy paper in bulk, at the lowest prices.

“SBprinter.com has done an excellent job of quickly filling our orders, everything from business cards & fliers to vinyl banners & loyalty cards. Their responsiveness and competitive pricing make working with SBprinter.com a great experience.”

The Mac Shac

“The quality of our brochures rivaled national printers but at half the cost.”

Matt Davis
SixThreeThree Advertising

“The quality of SBprinter.com’s product and quick turnaround time is unmatched and as a result they are my number one choice for printing.”

Jason Lekas
Director, San Marcos Christian Camp